Embedded Firmware Service

Embedded firmware is used to provide functional capabilities to the embedded hardware. This is most critical part of any embedded product. Inherently embedded products are designed for either high performance or ultra low power consumption. Each type of firmware development requires deep knowledge on the embedded coding and hardware platforms capabilities. Our Firmware teams have extensively worked and executed many projects requiring either very high performance or ultra low power operation. This gives us an edge for developing Firmware on any type of Embedded hardware.

We have successfully ported various types of Operating Systems on to various types of processor / microcontroller families with different hardware configurations. Some of the OS we have worked on are:

  • Linux
  • Microsoft Windows embedded
  • FreeRTOS
  • MQX
  • Contiki
  • OpenCPU

Our key firmware design activities are:

  • Boot loader and Built in Self test routine
  • Bare metal firmware
  • RTOS porting
  • Device driver development
  • Network protocol development/porting
  • Ethernet, WiFi
  • CAN
  • ModBus
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Power management firmware for battery safety and battery health
  • Zigbee, Bluetooth, 6LowPAN
  • Cellular module based firmware development
  • RFID reader firmware