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Business ecosystem is transforming every hour and hence it's important for businesses to keep transforming their products and services in order to remain relevant unless they don't want to. This transformation age also brings in lot of opportunities for minds with creativity and innovation who come out with new products and service models as per their business needs.
We at Embedtronix have partnered with many of our clients globally in their creative and innovative journey. New products and service models have been designed and brought to life in the real world in an efficient and cost effective ways.
We at Embedtronix strongly believe in keeping ourselves abreast with latest technological developments in the industry to remain relevant.

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    1. "Sasken has taken consultancy from Digvijay's organization for a complex BTS product. I am very happy with the services provided and it has immensely helped us in achieving the project milestones in terms of quality of solution and timelines. High degree of technical competency and flexibility was demonstrated"

    2. Ramesh Lolugu
    3. Delivery Head, Sasken Communication Technologies.
    1. "The services provided by Digvijay were extremely competent, professional and effective. Mr. Digvijay exhibited extraordinary depth and breadth of knowledge in the areas of electronics design, life cycle issues and deep understanding of the complexity of field operations. His work helped us make about 20 significant improvements to the solution design, which improved the performance and lowered the solution cost."

    2. Chetan Juneja
    3. Vice President IT, Viom Networks Limited .
    1. "We highly recommend Digvijay and his team for the Product design engagements, as we have an excellent experience of getting a cost effective rugged hardware platform designed by them, which helped us in automation of Retail outlets with peace of mind. Considering the hostile environment of standalone outlets on highways, a rugged, state of the art product was designed which reduced the installation time by 70% and provided failsafe methods to minimize downtime. Digvijay and his team have also proactively provided upgrades to meet customer’s stringent technical and commercial requirements from time to time. These products are operational at more than 3500 outlets across India. This is the best platform Pine Labs could have ever asked for."

    2. Rakesh Sharma
    3. Vice President, Pine Labs.
    1. "I have been involved in interacting with Digvijay on the issue of Automation and remote management of telecom sites. We discussed the practical field issues, which were received very favorably by him and his team including the inability of the industry to invest in very costly solutions. The team having come out with a robust and scalable solution at an optimal cost prove their techno commercial commitment. It has been a wonderful experience sharing ideas and interacting with Digvijay and his team. I would recommend him and his team for any design / product/ System integration solution needing innovative thinking and implementation."

    2. K. Ravichandran
    3. CTO, Ascend Telecom Infrastructure Private Limited .